We Offer Horse & Carriage Hire Across the UK

As the U.K’s leading limo hire provider we also offer horse and carriage hire as part of our successful transport service. We already offer an exquisite range of wedding cars so its only right that we also horse-drawn carriages. We currently offer a wide range of top class vehicles for hire including the impressive Rolls Royce Phantom which features an onboard champagne bar and a plasma screen with DVD player. However, we also do a roaring trade in vintage wedding vehicles such as the 1960’s Princess car and the open top Beauford.

Horse-drawn carriages are an increasingly popular choice for couples who wish to add a touch of nostalgic romance to their big day. We offer a choice of different carriages including open top vehicles decorated with flowers, glass-fronted carriages and stagecoaches drawn by 4 magnificent horses. TWe even offer the option of choosing what colour horses you would like pulling your wedding carriage, plus the animals can be decorated with plumes of feathers to add a spectacular effect.

Horse & Carriage Hire

Are you looking for a really romantic way to woo your prom date, do you want something which far surpasses a bunch of flowers waiting in your prom limousine, or a chauffeur in a top hat and tails holding open the door for your high school sweetheart? Well, you won’t find a more romantic prom transport idea than a horse and carriage.

That’s right, it’s an image you associate with a period film, or a tourist activity when you visit Central Park, however, right here in the UK, you can choose to be transported to your prom in the same style in your very own private horse and carriage.

If you are lucky enough to be planning your transport for a prom during the warmer months, then you will also be able to enjoy an open carriage to allow you and your prom date to take in the bright stars and feel the warm air of a summer evening. However, if your prom is during the very long UK winter period don’t worry because you can still enjoy a horse and carriage ride, simply choose one which is enclosed.

As soon as your special prom date hears the click of the horse’s hooves approaching as you pick her up, she will know that she is in for a special and unique ride as a start to an extra special and romantic prom night. There will be no concerns about choosing the biggest limousine, yet the one with the lowest emissions because your prom transport is free from these issues. A horse and carriage are also still driven by a well dressed, well mannered and ever attentive (but not too nosy) driver who will ensure you make the unique entrance to your prom, turning all the heads of your classmates.

On your horse and carriage ride, you will enjoy a relaxed pace and a position high above the other traffic of the city, giving you and your prom date a chance to chat, enjoy the scenery, or just enjoy the ride together.