Sometimes in life we just need a break; whether it be a sunny holiday abroad or a weekend here in Britain, it is nice to just escape from the tediousness of everyday life. With weeks rolling into one sometimes we just need to do something a bit crazy, something out of the ordinary.

Hiring a supercar can be just what you need, allowing you to take to the road and explore the beautiful cities Britain exhibits.

At Regency we try to highlight the benefits of our beautiful country, encouraging our clients to explore the stunning countryside in our gorgeous vehicles, offering advice of where to go to make the most of your hire time.

There truly is nothing like revelling in the magnificence of a prestigious vehicle with the wind blowing through your hair. With the elegance of a gymnast our Lamborghinis and Ferraris are known for showcasing a blend of speed and smoothness, allowing you to experience the agile mechanics of their uniqueness.

If you are looking to do something a bit outlandish and require transport to match the tip’s importance then allow Regency to help, talking you through our fleet of supercars and the features that they possess.

We boast an all-encompassing fleet of supercars, employing a car suited for every type of occasion. Contact us today and allow us to talk you through the car hire option at hand.