The benefits of hiring a supercar to travel around in are plentiful with car rental being a surprisingly cost-effective way to travel in the UK. Whether you are planning a weekend away in the countryside or want to impress on your wedding day, supercar hire provides the opportunity for you to stand out, enjoying the luxury on offer.
At Regency we are very serving to our clients budget, offering a range of services to suit all pockets. Whether you are a businessman wanting to make an impacting entrance to a corporate event or are a groom wanting to drive yourself to your wedding, allow Regency to provide a competitive quote for hire.
In addition to our promotion of great prices we also offer a bespoke travel option, with those that hire our vehicles having complete control over their travel itinerary. Not only can you dictate the times and routes that you take in your supercar but you can also choose your own passengers, revelling in the company of family and friends in a stylish, deluxe vehicle.
We stock the most beautiful Ferraris, Lamborghinis Bentleys, Jaguars and much more, so be sure we have something that you will just fall in love with.
If you have never driven a supercar before then there is no need to worry. We can talk you through everything you need to know about handling such powerful cars, putting together the best insurance policy to keep your mind at ease.
Get in touch today and allow us to talk you through what we can offer, ensuring that you make the right supercar hire choice that is well within your budget.