Here at Regency, we specialise in Supercar hire in Essex, eager to share our wonderful fleet of cars with the people and visitors of the county. In this article, we aim to explore the many options available for you, giving you a clear picture of the immense possibilities at hand. 

Events for supercar hire Essex  

Whilst best known for offering supercar hire for Essex weddings, we have over the past decade grown to become a one-stop-shop for all types of transport needs. Catering to all long list of events; we offer competitive rates for luxury transport for:

·         Weddings

·         Birthdays

·         Proms

·         Office parties

·         Corporate events

·         Religious festivals

·         And much more!

Supercars models to hire in Essex

Working hard to impress each and every customer, no matter what their preference, we have over the years built a diverse network of high-end cars. Incorporating some of the world’s best brands, through Regency, you can hire supercars such as:

·         Ferraris

·         Lamborghinis

·         Bugattis

·         Porches

·         Audis

·         BMWs

How much does supercar hire Essex cost?

Flying the flag for affordable luxury transport, we are keen to offer bespoke supercar hire packages. Building solutions to suit each customers’ needs, we quote prices based on a variety of factors. These include:

·         The dates and times you wish to hire the supercar

·         Your chosen vehicle

·         Which part of Essex you require the car/cars in

·         Occasion for hire

Though working hard to get the lowest price for you, we would highly recommend reserving your supercar hire package as soon as possible.  

Request a quote for supercar hire in Essex

If you are currently planning a big night out in Essex and would like to learn more about our supercar hire options, contact us today. With a team of highly-knowledgeable transport professionals, they will be sure help you every step of the way.