Where prom used to entail being driven to the venue in awkward silence with your girlfriend/boyfriend and one of your Fathers this is no longer the case, with the UK prom reaching extreme levels of the extravagance of late. With prom dresses, hair and make-up being bigger and better than ever the transport has also followed suit.
Stretched limousines are a very common choice for transporting prom Kings and Queens now, offering an image of elegance as well as stylishness. The arrival at the venue is of great importance to the students, wanting to remember this occasion for many years to come.
With leaving school is a pretty big deal prom is the last chance many get to see their friends, heading off to university or to start out on their career path. Where every prom requested a limousine people started experimenting with luxury prom travel, trying to outshine their fellow students. With private chauffeur cars and hummer limousines being thrown into the mix the prom transport industry has flourished over the past few years, with self-drive supercars now being a common choice.
At Regency we have been catering to this niche market for a number of years, helping students obtain the best vehicles, seeing them take centre stage at their prom celebration. Our catalogue of vehicles encompasses the perfect cars to make such an impact, with Ferraris and Lamborghinis known for making heads turn.
If your prom is fast approaching then allow us to talk you through the many supercar options available to you, answering all of your queries in regards to price as well as insurance.
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