Wedding Car Hire

From food and drink to décor and itineraries, the wedding planning process can be stressful, to say the least.  This is why, we at Regency are eager to offer a seamless, professional wedding car hire service, working with our customers to turn wedding dreams into realities.

Catering to all types of wedding themes and styles, our fleet is diverse to say the least, comprising of luxury limousines, chauffeur cars as well as more novelty options. Our award-winning fleet features some of the most luxurious cars ever built, including the finest Bentleys and Rolls Royces available.

Wedding Cars for Hire at Regency

Whilst the Rolls Royce Phantom remains the pinnacle of luxury and is the flagship vehicle in our fleet, the vast selection of cars on offer is not limited to just modern options. Our more traditional options include the finest cars Britain has ever produced.

Traditional white wedding cars are the most popular but most cars are available in a variety of colours, including black and silver. Our classic cars cover a whole spectrum of colours, from old English white to royal blue and burgundy.

We at Regency always strive to provide a first-class service on the most important day of your life. We will, therefore, always offer our cars with a smartly dressed, professional chauffeur and complimentary ribbons.

For further information on how we can add a touch of speciality to your wedding transport, contact us today and receive a free, no-obligation quote for wedding car hire.