A marriage proposal has to be pretty spectacular; with the groom only having one shot at asking the most important question they will ever ask.

If you are planning on popping the big question soon then you need to make a plan of action, ensuring that your partner is blown away by the effort you have gone to.

You must make sure you are organised, covering every fine detail of this prolific occasion. From the ring and the venue to the vehicle and your attire, no stone can go unturned.

You should, first of all, choose a location that means something to you, whether it is where you had your first date or somewhere you have always wanted to go. Knowing where the proposal will take place you must then arrange how you will get there and back, with a black cab just not cutting it.

Celebratory occasions call for celebratory vehicles. Luckily for you we at Regency have fine vehicles in abundance, employing the perfect cars to mark this precious day.

Marking the initiation of engagement, you know that your friends and family will want to know every last detail when hearing the fantastic news. By saying that you travelled in sports car like a Rolls Royce or Ferrari, your proposal story will be one of delight and uniqueness.

If you are getting cold feet, then allow us to warm you up with our heated seats!

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